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HERO Gaming Chair - Black/White

  • Premium gaming- and office chair from noblechairs
  • PU-leather in black with white stitching
  • Comfortable padding
  • Superior ergonomics thanks to adjustability options
  • Supports up to 180kg
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Manufacturer: noblechairs

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Product information:

HERO Gaming Chair - Black/White


The HERO Gaming Chair

Go Big

In the course of designing the new HERO Series, noblechairs took extensive input and guidance from eSports professionals. The result: the most ergonomic and feature-rich gaming chair ever made and one that offers consistent comfort, even after prolonged hours of working or gaming at your desk. The new stepless lumbar support integrated into the backrest helps to provide superb ergonomic customisation. The headrest is now filled with memory foam to allow its cushioning to better conform to individual head shapes. Furthermore, the backrest, seat area and armrests have all been increased in size. When you're this comfortable, it's tough to tear yourself away from the HERO.

Features of the noblechairs HERO Black-Platinum Gaming Chair

The noblechairs HERO Gaming Chair in Black-Platinum at a Glance:

  • adjustable lumbar support for your lower back
  • Larger surface area for the seat- and backrest, optimised for long gaming sessions
  • Enlarged 4D armrests with cold foam coating
  • Memory foam embedded into the headrest for improved comfort
  • Comfortable and breathable padding
  • Maximum recommended user weight: 150kg

Comfortable Gaming Chair

Premium ergonomics is what differentiates a good chair from a great chair, especially when used over extended periods of time. With that in mind, noblechairs took a range of feedback on board and integrated long requested features into the HERO gaming chair. One of the most popular requests was for adjustable lumbar support to be integrated into the backrest, something that can be adjusted to meet your precise preferences thanks to the adjustable wheel design. This is a feature that has been limited to only the highest of high-end office chairs. This enables the HERO to conform to the natural curvature of lower back and provide a more natural posture when seated.

The surface area of the seat as well as the size of the backrest have also both been increased due to popular request. Furthermore, the 4D armrests are significantly larger so as to not only make the HERO look more impressive as a whole, but to also make it significantly more comfortable. The improved comfort provided is also due in no small part to the padding.

Superior Materials and Premium Craftsmanship

Premium Design - Precision, Machine-Automated Construction

As with all noblechairs designs, the new HERO offer the same consistent premium-quality workmanship that became a byword after first being implemented in the ICON and EPIC series. Achieving the enviable level of consistency and build quality found at noblechairs is only possible by means of machine-only manufacturing.

The steel frame of the HERO is welded with the help of robotic arms, similar to what one might expect to see on an automotive production line. This enables the construction of a flawless and exceptionally durable frame, something for which noblechairs has itself become famous worldwide for over the last few years. Even the chair coverings themselves are tailored by industrial sewing machines to achieve the best possible result.

Durable and Comfortable

Premium Components

The comfortable upholstery consists of a breathable, deformation-resistant cold foam with an exceptionally high 55% density. This enables improved airflow over long periods of use while retaining its shape.

Standing in stark contrast to competing gaming chairs, the noblechairs HERO offers a solid steel frame ensconced within its upholstery. The entire seat is coated in 1,5 mm thick PU-leather, something that also contributes to the chair's outstanding durability

First-Class Adjustability

The Perfect Position for Every User

The Perfect Position for Every User

Now that you're sat on noblechairs' HERO, and having adjusted it to meet your personal preferences, now would be the perfect time to try out the new lumbar support. In addition to 10 cm of height adjustment, the seat additionally offers a convenient rocking mechanism.

This allows the entire HERO gaming chair to tip at up to 11°. The backrest can also be adjusted to between 90° and 125°. The chair also comes with two comfortable cushions that round out the design of this gaming chair, making it perfect for eSports champions.

Suitable for Hard- & Soft Flooring

Perfect Head- and Arm Support

The new 4D armrests with their new, larger design add to the look of the chair as a whole while also giving your arms additional space.

These armrests can be adjusted in four dimensions, so as to make sure every user can find just the right position. The armrests are also upholstered in cold foam and, thanks to their textured contact area, offer a pleasant degree of grip as well.

Perfect Support for Head and Arms

Suitable for Hard- & Soft Flooring

The base of the HERO series from noblechairs consists of a powder-coated base in solid aluminium with five arms and special casters. These 60 mm casters consist of a nylon core with a polyurethane coating that makes them exceptionally quiet, but also equally at home on hard- or soft flooring.

The Safety Class 4 gas lift is rated, in combination with the optimised base, for maximum loads of up to 180 kg.

noblechairs Accessories

Upgrade Your Throne with Premium Accessories from noblechairs!

These premium chairs from noblechairs deliver, without a shadow of a doubt, a sublime seated experience straight out of the box, and the only way this could be improved upon is with the help of premium accessories developed by noblechairs.

In order to adjust the gaming chair to perfectly fit the requirements of the user, noblechairs offers practical 60 mm hard floor casters with automatic brakes, which brings to an end any unwanted sliding either forwards or backwards during use. Additionally, shorter gas lifts allow for a reduced seat height to ensure smaller users also enjoy optimal comfort.

noblechairs footrest

Maximise Your Comfort While Optimising Your Posture!

The comfort offered by noblechairs is well established, but investing in ergonomic accessories is not just a sensible idea, it's a way of taking preemptive action against the negative side-effects associated with poor posture over the long term . In bringing the noblechairs footrest to market, the noblechairs team has developed just such an accessory.

The noblechairs footrest not only maximises comfort, it is also back-friendly and helps maintain circulation. In minimising the load placed on the feet and back, the footrest makes a significant contribution to a natural and healthy posture. Benefits to your posture and comfort aside, the aesthetics of the chair are nothing less than stellar given the stunning craftsmanship and the choice of materials that went into making this premium accessory.

Technical Details:

  • Height Specification:
    Total Height (with base): ca. 129 - 137 cm
    Seat Pan Height (with base): ca. 48 - 58 cm
    Backrest Height: ca. 89 cm
    Inner Backrest Width: ca. 32,5 cm
    Outer Backrest Width (widest point): ca. 57 cm
    Inner Seat Surface Area: ca. 35 cm
    Outer Seat Surface Area (widest point): ca. 52 cm
    Depth of Seating Area: ca. 50 cm
    Total Depth (without base): ca. 55 cm
    Armrest Width: ca. 10,5 cm
    Armrest Depth: ca. 27 cm
  • Weight:
    ca. 28 kg
  • Rocking Mechanism Adjustment:
    max. 11°
  • Backrest Angle:
    90° to 125°
  • Material:
    Steel (frame)
    Cold foam (upholstery)
    Shape Memory Polymer (head support)
    PU Leather (cover -> seat + contact area + reverse)
    Aluminium (base)
    Nylon / Polyurethane (casters)
    Polyurethane (armrests)
  • Colour:
    Black-Platinum (Cover, Stitches)
  • Maximum Load:
    180 kg
  • Manufacturer's Guarantee:
    2 Years
  • Features:
    Integrated lumbar support for lower back
    4D Armrests with maximum adjustability
    Adjustable backrest angle (90 to 125 degrees)
    Flexible seat surface area
    Deformation-resistant cold foam
    Memory foam in the headrest
    Durable gas lift (Safety Class 4)
    Strong 5-point base in solid aluminium
    60 mm casters for hard- and soft floors
    Solid steel frame
    Supports up to 180 kg



One Month Comfort Guarantee

1 Month Comfort Guarantee

We are that confident you’ll love your new noblechair, in the unlikely event you aren’t 100% happy, Overclockers UK will arrange collection of your chair and offer a full refund*.

Learn More

*Terms and conditions apply

noblechairs Installation Service

noblechairs Home Installation Service

If your looking for the complete noble experience why not book our premium home installation service? One of our talented engineers will arrive on site, build and even advise on adjusting your new noblechair for optimum comfort.

Learn More

*Terms and conditions apply


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A fantastic and comfy chair, I LOVE it!

This chair is amazing!
It took me about 10 mins on my own to build it and I didn't need to check the instructions as it was that simple.
As other people have said in a lot of the reviews I looked at before getting this, it is quite a firm seat but it will soften with time, even still at the original firmness it's very comfortable.
The built in lumbar support is one of the reasons I bought this instead of the EPIC chair and I am so happy I did, the difference this part makes is massive.
The white stitching looks fantastic (I originally ordered the Limited Edition chair, but changed my mind when I saw how clean and simple the Black / White one is)
The quality is amazing and it feels like a real premium product, definitely worth the money.
The arm rests do rattle a bit but it’s not too bad and when your arms are on them they don’t do it, also the arm rests move in 4 different directions so they can be changed to a variety of comfortable positions.
The reclining part is great, it will go down to about 135 degrees and then you can tilt it too to recline it even more, I think I’ll have a great nap in this.
Talking about a nap, the included pillows are very comfortable, the head one is great and hooks over the back of the headrest, which is memory foam so the cushion isn’t really needed.
The lumbar pillow isn’t required due to the built in lumbar feature, but it could add a little more comfort a bit higher up your back, in every review I saw they say the lumbar pillow is useless as it doesn’t have any straps, I’m not sure what happened to theirs as both my pillows came with straps included (the head pillow has the strap attached, the lumbar one is separate and could be a little difficult to get on)
I did also think about the leather version, but this PU feels just as good and I don’t think I’ll have many issues with it.
I just wish I could afford to get the matching foot stool too, but I guess that will have to wait.
I would definitely recommend this chair to everyone I know.

ZombieRodeo 2020-04-16

The only company I’ll buy chairs from.

I did an unhealthy amount of research before deciding on the Noble Hero. I’m not a small guy and the important things to me are comfort, build quality, durability (creaks are horrible with a condenser mic!) and comfort!

Every review and video i’d seen on Noble Epics, Icons and Hero were 5 Star with some videos referring to Nobles as THE standard whilst reviewing other products. I find it’s good if people can’t get an item’s quality out of their mind!

I’ve had the same experience from point of purchase talking with Noble staff, through delivery, construction, the first sit and now breaking it in to my butt shape.

The chair is immaculate, there’s not a mark or blemish and all the stitching is first class (I’ve done some upholstery work myself). The construction takes no longer that 20 minutes and it’s extremely solid. I have no issues putting my entire weight in the chair, feet off the floor sometimes cross legged for that nostalgia play.

I’m giving this it’s own little paragraph just to say, built in lumbar support and control

Jordan Murphy 2019-09-03

An unmatched comfort level

I have owned many great office chairs, but the Hero is the best I have ever sat in. There is so much adjustment available and its really well built and put together.

The assembly took no more than 10 minutes with the help of my teenage son and a power drill with a hex bit.

Tip: The footstool just adds to the comfort, its worth adding it to your order.

Fraser McDermott 2019-08-12

Great chair and service

It's a very well built chair and super comfy, firm compared to my last chair but in a good supportive way. Felt sorry for the poor DPD driver, as the box is a beast! Had an issue with the back of the chair but it was quickly swapped out with no issues, 10/10 for service.

Wouldn't hesitate to recommend to anyone looking for a chair, would buy again (although from the quality of it that won't be anytime soon).

Garrie 2019-05-11

Exceedingly comfortable

The chair is fantastic. I work from home, so spend 8 hours a day in a chair in front of my machine. I needed a chair that was both comfortable and supportive and this chair provides both. It is exceedingly well designed and built (the chair weighs about 28 kilos, which should give you some idea of the material quality). Yes, it is pricey but as the saying goes "you get what you pay for" and if you spend a lot of time in your chair, the last thing you want is back pain caused by bad posture. You need something that is comfortable and will last and this chair will most certainly do that.

Ben 2019-03-08

Great product

5/5, you cannot get anything better. I love the quality of this chair.

JP 2019-01-04

Great match

I love the colour match on this chair, the white stitching goes perfectly with the black covering. It really is striking and stands out! I love it! Thanks oc for the fast delivery too!

Gerald 2018-11-15

Bought another one

I am impressed with the quality of noblechairs, I bought an epic series before and I have passed this one onto my wife and gone with the hero. I absolutely love both models and can highly recommend them! If you're wanting a gaming chair that's going to last, and give you comfort, then look no further!

Steve Williamson 2018-10-18

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Awards & Media Coverage

  • GamingScan 4.5/5 Award

    All in all, the noblechairs HERO Gaming Chair is one that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Although a tad bit on the pricey side, this gaming chair justifies its cost with the superior features it brings to the table.


  • High Ground Gaming 9/10 Award

    The noblechairs HERO does almost everything right. Power users may notice an adjustment period, and the armrests could be better, but overall the experience is top shelf. It’s a pricy chair to be sure, but it never feels like you were shortchanged.

  • Enostech Must Have Award

    Not only does this chair offer a great user experience, both in thanks due to the sturdiness and comfort it has to offer, but it also has the added lumbar support in the chair itself for extra comfort and support during prolonged sitting sessions. If you’re looking for the best of the best, you’re going to have to pay a bit extra for it and that is exactly what we see here with the HERO Gaming Cahir from noblechairs.

  • eTeknix Editor's Choice Award

    You’ll struggle to find a better-made gaming chair at this price. noblechairs have been dominating the market for quality for a few years now, and I’m happy to report that trend continues with the Hero.

  • TechPowerUp Highly Recommended Award

    noblechairs gaming chairs promote good ergonomics and are of top-notch quality.

  • Vortez Premium Award

    "Not all heroes wear capes" certainly applies here, we loved the HERO and the improvements it brought along with it, though by all means, you can attach a cape, just watch it doesn't get stuck in the wheels! 

  • TechteamGB Gold Award

    Overall I'm pretty happy to recommend them as a long-term user.

  • TweakTown Editors Award

    noblechairs hits the nail on the head with the HERO Real Leather gaming chair, with slick styling and upgrades over its previous chairs. It's super luxurious and comfortable to sit on, aimed squarely at not just eSports gamers, but any gamer who spends considerable time at their PC.

  • Play3r Platinum Award

    The noblechairs HERO is a superb gaming chair in every sense of the word from build quality, to the comfort to all the final touches. 

  • Play3r Design Award

    The HERO is certainly the chair for the larger gamer or user, without sacrificing on quality or paying over the odds.

  • Play3r Recommended Award

    It is receiving our Recommended Award because it's HIGHLY recommended

  • Play3r Editors Choice Award

    It's receiving our Editor's Choice award as quite frankly I will use this every day and know that i'm supported ergonomically just like I deserve to be!

  • Tech Advisor Recommended Award

    The noblechairs Hero Series provides excellent ergonomic support and comfort for those of us with a larger frame

  • KitGuru Must Have Award

    The noblechairs HERO comes at a price but we think its a great combination of ergonomics, quality and style

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