Noctua NH-D14 Dual Radiator CPU Cooler

NH-D14 Dual Radiator CPU Cooler

  • NH-D14
  • Dual Fan
  • Socket Compatibility: 775 / 1150 / 1155 / 1156 / 1151 / 1200 / 1366 / AM2 / AM2+ / AM3 / FM1 / FM2
  • AM4 Bracket available under code HS-037-NC

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Stock Code: HS-011-NC

EAN: 4716123314530


Manufacturer: Noctua

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Product information:

NH-D14 Dual Radiator CPU Cooler

Combining a massive six heatpipe dual radiator design with an exquisite NF-P14/NF-P12 dual fan configuration, the NH-D14 is built for ultimate quiet cooling performance. Topped off with a tube of Noctua's award-winning NT-H1 thermal compound as well as the new SecuFirm2 multi-socket mounting system, the NH-D14 is an elite choice for the highest demands in premium quality quiet cooling.

- Six heatpipe dual radiator design
- Dual NF-P14/NF-P12 fan setup
- Asymmetrical design for high compatibility
- Excellent component cooling
- SecuFirm2 multi-socket mounting system
- Dimensions(with fans): 160 x 140 x 158mm ( H x W x D)
- Materials: Copper (base and heat-pipes), aluminium (cooling fins), soldered joints & nickel plating
- Fans Included: Noctua NF-P14 / Noctua NF-P12
- Fan Speeds: 1200 & 1300 RPM
- Fan Aiflow: 64.9 & 54.3 CFM
- Fan Noise: 13.2 & 12.6bDA
- Six Year Warranty

**For an free AM4 bracket please visit the manufacturer support page with proof of purchase of the cooler and proof of purchase for the Ryzen CPU. We will try our best to get some brackets but you should contact the manufacturer first. **


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Product Specification:

CPU Socket
1150, 1151, 1155, AM3+, FM2+, 1156, 1200
CPU Cooler type
Dual Tower
Fan connector
3Pin (voltage control)
CPU Cooler width
140 up to 149 mm
CPU Cooler height
160 up to 169 mm
CPU Cooler depth
150 up to 159 mm
CPU Cooler width (exact)
140 mm
CPU Cooler height (exact)
160 mm
CPU Cooler depth (exact)
155 mm
Bottom plate material
Nickel plated Copper
Heatsink (fin) material
Weight in grams
1200 - 1300 g
Max rpm
1000 - 1500 U/min
Max volume
15 - 20 dB(A)
Max flow rate
100 - 125 m³/h
Min rpm
750 - 1000 U/min
Min volume
10 - 15 dB(A)
Min flow rate
50 - 75 m³/h
Number of heatpipes
Diameter of heatpipes
6 mm
CPU Cooler fan supplied
1x 120 mm + 1x 140 mm
Heatsink colour
Fan colour
Beige, Braun
Additional fans can be installed
Cooling type

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Very Nice except one thing

Since no one here mentioned about this issue, I thought i should write it down so that it may help others thinking of buying this heatsink.

I am using this heatsink on 5820K cpu and it gives me quite an impressive result. My case is Enthoo Luxe and the cpu idles around 30C - 33C and loads around 60C - less than 70C. And I am only using one fan in the middle.

Temperature wise, this heatsink is quite good. Though, there is one design issue I found.

I was moving my place to other country from UK and I have crated my PC too. I chose sea freight and waited for a month to arrive. When I have received and opened the case, the cpu heatsink was significantly bent towards rear. This was due to the fact that Enthoo luxe was boxed in such a way that rear was facing down.

I have never thought that metal heatsink of this kind bends that much. I bent it back to the way it was eventually but I am still too scared to try turning on the computer.

This is a good heatsink but I don't think that the company thought of this kind of scenario where some cases are packed differently from others.

The bending issue was obviously caused by the design of heat pipe allocations. Luckily, my second pc, which is also in the same case model, with BeQuiet Dark Rock pro 2/3 was not bent

If you are thinking of shipping your desktop elsewhere for moving out, then I don't recommend this item. Otherwise, this is a good heatsink I must say.

Hope that helps.


Nice and cooool

Very nice bit of kit, installed on to my i7 3770k after my water unit broke and made the cpu run at 80 degrees idle, this is very easy to install and comes with everything needed, simple instructions and even in a relatively small case (im using the zalman Z9) its not to fiddly even with my big bear paws! had to alter the direction it pointed and the air flow in my case as it got in the way of my gfx card but a bit of tinkering and it was fine, also had to remove the heat sinks from my memory as that was getting in the way but no biggy there, booted up and played a bit of dayz and its running at 28 degrees which is nice, overclockers 100% Noctura 100%


Still the best

Ive gone through a few high end expensive air coolers, and imo this one for me still tops the rest for all round build quality and cooling.

Sean 2012-12-24

Now I'm a believer...

I've been using an H50 for the last year, keeping my i7 930 @ 3.8ghz at reasonable temps, but nothing amazing. Tried the Be Quiet Dark Rock Pro, but it was no better than the H50.

Upgraded to an i7 970 a couple of weeks ago, and oc'd to 4.2ghz, so needed to try something else...So turned to the Noctua...

In one word - amazing. I've swapped the fans for DeepCools (120 & 140), which fit perfectly. These have the advantage of being PWM, which the Noctua fans aren't. At 65% the DeepCools are near silent and my 970 idles between 27 and 35 degrees (and its last week of May and its HOT outside!). Under load they never get above about 67 degrees (fans still at 65%).

Leaving the excellent cooling ability aside, this thing has amazing build quality, and is very easy to fit - so whats not to like.

I'm a convert - I REALLY love this cooler.

Did a quick youtube video to show the fan swap too - if interested, search 'Noctua fan swap'.

5 stars all the way.

jarvis82 2012-05-25


First off , it does a good job cooling my i7 950, slightly disappointed its not as good as all the hype made it out to be,nor is its quiet! its good at what it does because its MASSIVE.For the same price i think i will go back to my Antec all-in-one water cooler, does the same job for same price just not so big and darn ugly

Brian Badontae 2012-04-30


this cooler is the nuts
i was hitting 91c with my standard intel cooler on my i7 2600k @ standerd clocks.
i put this cooler on and i was getting 38c @ stock clocks and now @ 4.5ghz 1.35v 68c is the highest its reached with prime pushing it for 2 hours
you are a fool if you buy anything eles it even cools my mobo and ram honestly this is the pooches parts

barry king 2012-03-14

The best Air Cooler!

This thing is huge the box is huge but the quality is the best ive seen.

On my overclocked Q9400 @3.6 idle is 30

Paul 2012-01-01

Cool as Ice!

Ok i'm still on my core 2 quad Q9400@3.4ghz and under prime 95 for 8 hours it's chillin on a mere 49

Mr Anderson 2011-11-30

Noctua NH-D14 Dual Radiator

wanted to make a quiet fast pc so this looked good. Such an understatement!
A 2600k @ 4.5 with the quiet adaptors installed and 70 max on highest core, thats amazing. It's hard to put the side panel back on the PC as it looks soooo good installed lol. Gonna have to invest in a window ;)

Mr Devlin 2011-09-10


Yes it's huge, but its worth it, dropped my average cpu temp by 15c under load! perfect cooler for overclocking. This heatsink seems to only improve the further u push your over clocking (to an extent of course...)!

Just as an added note: i use G.Skill Ripjaw 1600MHz RAM (all ram slots full so no wiggle room) and the noctua cleared it by 4 or 5 mm or so. The size of the Ripjaws are fairly tall for their heatsinks, so if ur RAM is the same, smaller or slightly taller then you should be fine.

Great product, certainly better than the all-in-one liquid coolers i've tried. The noise... well, there isnt any haha, havent bothered to use the ULNA cables tht they supply with it.

I wont deny that it is ugly, but that's also its beauty. Plus, performance or pretty? - if ur looking at this product i doubt you support the latter of the two when you have to make a split decision ;)

OcUK... excellent service, but thats standard with these guys.

Nathan 2011-03-22

THE! Coolest CPU Air Cooler

This cooler is a piece of cake to install if you have an AM3 board. No need to take motherboard out unless the cooler you used previously got rid of the standard backplate which you will need to fit this cooler.

I was using the Artic freezer 7 pro v2 on a 1090t at 1.35v 3.6 GHz ambient temp 22c; idle 32c load 50-55c.

This beaut of a cooler on a 1090t 1.536v at 4.12 GHz ambient temp 22c; idle 28c load 55c.

These temps above are the CPU Die temps, the core temps are about five degrees below those figures. I was using Artic silver 5 thermal compound.

You can get these volts down if you use the latest chipset, I'm using a MSI 790FX-GD70 board which is why I have to use higher volts.

The cooler is massive compared to the old artic cooler. I use an antec 300 case which is 205mm in width and it fits nice and snug. I have about 10mm to spare job done!

Anthony 2011-02-25

Huge, but superb cooling quality!

As per title it's a monster, but does the job and then some! Manages to keep my 4.4Ghz OC Q9650 between 60 to 65c during stress tests.

Mount systems the most sturdy and well designed I've seen yet, whole heat sinks really solid bit of kit. Loads of room around the base; so for most the board clearance should not be a problem, though you will need a decent sized PC case due to the coolers height.

Overall glad I opted for this Noctua NH-D14 instead of basic water-cooling setup.

Sean 2011-01-25

nice one Noctua

Keeps my 1055t 6core nice and cool 29idle and 50 load thats @ 4.0 with 1.45volts.. went from watercooling to this and this cooler!! beats it by 5c on idle and load.

mathwat 2010-12-23

Not for me...

Its large, seems to keep cool, even with only one fan. Everything is fine in that respect...

It just does not fit.
There is not enough clearance from contact to the bottom of the plates.

Make sure your mobo is wide enough and that your DIMMs are spaced from your CPU.
Or you will find the your 1st DIMM slot will be coverd by this cooler, or make sure your RAM is short.

Dont get it if your going for a Asus Rampage.
It covers 1 DIMM and you have to remove the side fan from the cooler.

Easy installation, easy instructions.

JohnM 2010-10-07

A little dissaspointed

I read all the good reviews about this cooler all over the net, so i thought that it would be by far the best.
I am slightly dissapointed because of these things..

Much bigger than i expected - This thing is so tall and wide. it only just fits it my lian li pc-p50r bit fiddly if you need to take it out and out it in again because its so cramped.

Thin i need to put some artic thermal paste on coz i got crappy corsair paste so my my i7 is running idle 35c no oc.

Jakey 2010-09-27

Reported temps, voltages not finalized.

As I write this review, I am monitoring the temperature of my new i7 950 (after it being dropped to

Conor O'Loan 2010-09-05

Great thus far

Installed it in my system 34 degress idle 55 load. Room temp 24 degrees.

Easy to install with excellent brackets. Mind, I have a big case and plenty of room
Colong performance.
Quiet with excellent fans.
Packaging and accessories first class.
Cooler I thought was quite light considering size.
Switched from a Zalman 9900 cooler. 5 degrees difference in idle and load temps. Plus paste has yet had time to cure, so I am expecting temps to drop a bit.
Installed my cooler vertically so it is blowing out of the top of the case. By doing this I was still able to keep my corsair dominator ram cooler blowing on my 6 GB of ram. It still blocks the end slot nearest to CPU though.

Quite expensive
Blocks ram slot. Check your ram first especially if you mount it horizontal.

All in all very pleased. First time ordering from Overclockers. First class service.

920@3.36. 6gb, 800D Case, P6TD, Corsair 850HX, ati 5870. Corsair force SSD 60gb, seagate 1TB

Steve 2010-08-24


Fantastic cooler! It's massive but If you have a big enough case it will accomodate it nicely! Installation was straight forward, temps are great.

Highly recommended!

Chris 2010-06-11

What a Cooler

I ordered this beast after reading reviews on how good it was some state "The best air cooler ever?" as the title!

First impressions were "Woah the box is massive" took it out and it was pretty big and a little worrying about fitting it in my case.

I had no issues what so ever however installing it into my CoolerMaster Sileo 500 with a Asus M4A79XTD Evo Motherboard.

My Idle temps didn't drop by alot, maybe 5-10c over my non-heatpipe cooler, but under load well thats a different story! I was shocked as it managed to keep my CPU core temps at 48c maxed out with an ambient of around 22-23c!

This cooler is a must if you have a heavily overclocked CPU.

The only thing I noticed on the down side is that people with RAM sinks on the top of their sticks may encounter issues and will have to remove them!

Best Air Cooler on the market? Hell Yes!

Kurt Rumble 2010-05-11

superb cooler

like has been mentioned this thing is massive
works like a charm, but i did have to remove the ULNA from the 14cm fan as it was stuck,, it wouldnt rotate . took out the ULNA and all was fine
and its near silent anyway so no need for the Ultra Low Noise Adapter(ULNA)

marmite 2010-04-18

Great cooler but BIG

I got this today and I must say you can tell right away it is high quality and worth the price if you after a quiet and cool CPU. I already had one of those closed circuit water coolers for my CPU, which was a bit noisy, so I didn't expect this cooler to actually be any cooler but I must say I was very surpised!

Down an average of 10degrees at 100% load from 65c it now doesn't go above 54c on an i5 750 overclocked from 2.67Ghz -> 3.15Ghz. Mid 30s when idle. And this is with the low fan speed wires in use.

Also fitting this was easy, really high quality components with good instructions that fitted perfectly for me (specially designed so you cannot overtighten the screws or anything). You do have to remove the motherboard from the case though.

However a word of warning, this cooler is MASSIVE - I initially could not fit in in my case as it covered my graphics card slot (Gigabyte P55M-UD2 motherboard)but I barely fitted it in the other way round, blowing air downwards instead.

Gef Filmore 2010-04-01

How Good is This ,WOW

took delivery for the Noctua NH-D14 Dual Radiator CPU Cooler about 2 hour s ago this cooler is huge but still looks small in my Corsair D800 case overclocked my core i7 to 4095.07 mhz from my 3100 mhz overclock maximum with my corsair H20, temps for the Noctua are -minimum on all cores 44-41-43-37 maximum are -78-78-77-71 running on prime 95 test for 1 hour and the great thing is it now is very quiet when running at 100% load and pushing the air out of the case and not sucking it in to the case like the corsair h20 which had more dust on the radiator than a hoover bag. SUPERB SERVICE FROM OVERCLOCKERS THX

Blusher351 2010-03-20


Best cooler I've owned.
Overclocking i7 920 DO to 4.2 GHz with ease. Temperatures in Games [FSX] around 50 degrees. [Core Temp] Without doubt the best air cooler around. Only expensive water cooling will surpass it.

Martin 2010-03-10

Best air cooling solution

This is by far the best air CPU cooler on the market, only bested by much more expensive water cooling. At that price, it's also a bargain seeing as how it comes with two brilliant fans, both worth nearly

Helios1234 2010-03-09

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