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 - Super Flower Leadex III 650W 80 Plus Gold Modular Power Supply - Black

Super Flower Leadex III 650W 80 Plus Gold Modular Power Supply - Black

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Fully modular 80 Plus Gold PSU with 650 Watt output, Premium electronics, Two semi-passive levels, 7 Year guarantee and quiet 135 mm FDB fan
£89.99 (incl. VAT)
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EAN 4711213445033
MPN SF-650F14HG (UK)
Super Flower has been a good tip in the world of PSUs for many years. Unlike other brands of power supply, Super Flower does not rely on contract manufacturing and engineering services, instead they have their own power supply factories as well as an efficient development department. This is how Super Flower has managed to deliver quality power supplies under their own brand name while also making models for sale under the branding of other manufacturers - without compromising on either aesthetics or prices. As a result, it is hardly a surprise that Super Flower power supplies are frequently recommended in the media as well as by satisfied users.

The Leadex series marks the manufacturer's successful entry into the true high-end segment: with remarkable performance and low noise levels, the Leadex family has been the standard by which performance power supplies have been measured since 2013. The brand new Leadex III series from Super Flower updates their fully-modular 80PLUS Gold PSUs. Both the aesthetics and the technology under the hood have both been improved once more, thereby ensuring they retain their lead in the performance segment over the long term.

The Features of the 650 Watt Super Flower Leadex III 80 Plus Gold

  • Fully modular 80PLUS Gold certified PSU
  • Three operating modes for quiet- and efficient cooling
  • Quiet 135 mm fan
  • Fully modular cable management
  • Seven-year manufacturer guarantee
  • 2x 4+4-Pin-PCIe / 4x 6+2-Pin-PCIe / 6x SATA / 4x 4-Pin Molex

The Leadex III Series from Super Flower

The new Leadex III platform is now working away under the hood for all models from 550 to 850 Watts - all developed and manufactured in-house of course. Compared to its predecessors, the noise produced by the fan and thus the overall noise emissions of the supply have undergone dramatic improvement, this is due to the use of fans with Fluid Dynamic Bearing technology. A switch to the rear allows the supply to switch between three (as opposed to the previous two) cooling methods.

Furthermore, there are two semi-passive modes which are designed for two different temperature thresholds: depending on the temperature, the fan then comes to a permanent stop at low to medium loads. At stage one, called ECO 0, the fans start as soon as the temperatures are between 62 and 68°C. If temperatures fall between 47 and 53°C, the fan goes silent once more. In ECO 1 the temperature threshold at which the fans start up is between 42 and 48°C, with the lower threshold at between 27 and 33°C. Due to the low fan speeds and the use of FDB bearings, the PSU remains extremely quiet even in active cooling modes. In comparison to classic bearings, FDB bearings are markedly quieter in operature, while the also drastically improving the overall operating life of the unit.

All Leadex III Gold power supplies are 80PLUS Gold certified and thus achieve a guaranteed minimum of 92 percent efficient at medium loads. Under low loads of 20 percent, an effectiveness of at least 90 percent is achieved, with full load producing an efficiency of 89 percent. There can be no doubt, the third generation of Leadex power supplies can count themselves among the most economic supplies available.

In order to achieve the high efficiency rating, Super Flower opts for cutting-edge technology: the Leadex III platform uses LLC resonance conversion in the primary range and DC-DC downward conversion for the +3,3- and +5 Volt rails. This form of independent voltage regulation ensures that the output voltages always remain close to the setpoint, even under demanding test scenarios (e.g. asymmetrical load). If required, the entire rated power can be called up as a +12 Volt voltage. In combination with the low residual ripple, Leadex III are therefore particularly suitable for demanding builds and overclocking projects.

Super Flower has clearly focused on quality when it comes to choosing their semiconductors and capacitors: for example, only 105 degree electrolytic capacitors of Japanese origin are used on the motherboard and solid polymer capacitors are used on the motherboard. 105 degree electrolytic capacitors from Taiwanese A-class brands are also used on the connecting board to enable modular cable management. In combination with the sophisticated fan control as well as the long-life FDB fan, the average operating life exceeds 100,000 hours. With protection against Over- and Undervoltage (OVP, UVP), Short Circuit Protection (SCP), Overload (OPP), Overheating (OTP) and Overcurrent (OCP on the +3,3- and +5 Volt rails) the Leadex III always switches off in an emergency to protect valuable hardware (as well as itself) from damage. As such, Super Flower is happy to offer a seven-year manufacturer's guarantee on all the Leadex III series models.

As with all other Leadex power supplies, Super Flower relies on fully-modular cable management and completely black cables. Only the cabling that is actually needed is attached to the power supply. The 650 Watt model offered here provides a wealth of connectivity: in addition to the 20+4-pin connector for the motherboard, there are two 4+4-pin connections for the processor and two cables with a total of four 6+2-pin PCIe connectors for the graphics cards. The additional components can be supplied power by means of six SATA- and four Molex connectors.

In short, the third generation of Super Flower Leadex power supplies is even more economical and quiet than its predecessor. The new edition delivers even better voltages and offers a compelling combination of new features and the extended seven-year warranty period.

Technical Details:
  • Dimensions: 150 x 85 x 160 mm (W x H x D)
  • Weight: 2,3 kg
  • Fan: 135 mm (FDB bearings; automatic control via selectable active- and two semi-passive modes)
  • Colour: Black
  • Efficiency: min. 92/90/89 % at 50/20/100% load, 80 Plus Gold 230V EU Certified
  • Active PFC
  • Form factor: ATX12V/EPS12V
  • Performance: 650 W
    +3,3V: 20 A
    +5V: 20 A
    +3,3V & +5V: 100 W
    +12V: 54,1 A / 6 W
    -12V: 0,5 A / 649 W
    +5Vsb: 2,5 A / 15 W
  • Connections (removable):
    1x 24-Pin EPS12V (600 mm)
    2x 4+4-Pin EPS12V/ATX12V (700 mm)
    2x Two 6+2-Pin PCIe (550 + 150 mm)
    2x Three SATA (550 + 120 + 120 mm)
    1x Four 4-pin Molex (550 + 100 + 100 + 100 mm)
  • Manufacturer's guarantee: 7 Years
  • Protective circuits: Over- and under voltage (OVP, UVP), short circuit (SCP), overload (OPP), overheating (OTP) and overcurrent (OCP for +3.3- and +5-volt rails)

Awards & Media Coverage

TechPowerUp Highly Recommended Award

"A good-looking low-noise offering that delivers solid performance."

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Good PSU

by Among Us star star star star star

Had this PSU nearly 3 Years now, never had an issue with it. Fan is quiet so its not noticeable. Would recommened.

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£89.99 (incl. VAT)
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